Buy 90% silver coins in small amounts or in bulk with junk silver bags including circulated 90 percent silver dimes, silver quarters, Franklin Half Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, and more. Many also refer to 90 percent silver as Junk Silver.

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Junk Silver

Junk silver is the common term for United States currency coins that contain 35%, 40%, and 90% silver content. All U.S. Government half dollars, quarters, and dimes minted pre 1965 contain silver. However, the use of silver in U.S. currency was no longer economical as the value of silver increased.

Investors purchase junk silver in bags or rolls in increments based on face value of the coins. The coins are popular with silver investors because they maintain their value as US legal tender, can be purchased at low premiums over the spot price, and ability to spend or barter due to its divisibility .

Silver Content

The term “junk” is used by investors to refer to silver coins valued for their silver content and not their value as a collectible or condition. Junk silver can range between 35% and 90% silver content. Investors choose junk silver because you can often get more for your money compared to silver coins or silver bars.

90% Silver Coins

US coins with 90% silver minted before 1965 are some of the more popular forms of junk silver. We offer bags of assorted half dollars and quarters and dimes. Some of the coins offered include Franklin Half Dollars, Kennedy Half Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Washington Quarters, and Roosevelt Dimes. The assortment of coins in each mixed bag of half-dollars and quarters and dimes is random but all coins are 90% silver. We also offer bags that contain a specific coin type, such as a $100 face value bag of Franklin Half Dollars.

Every combination of 90% silver U.S. coins with a $1 face value contains .715 troy ounces of silver. Investors often buy 90% silver coins in bulk increments of $10 Face Value, $100 Face Value, $500 Face Value, and $1000 Face Value.