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Silver Rounds

Like silver bars, silver rounds are a great investment for those interested in purchasing silver without the premium charge of silver coins. Produced by a variety of private mints, the designs can vary from very simple to nostalgic to themed. The most common size and weight is 1 troy ounce of 0.999 pure silver, however, some mints do offer smaller and larger sizes and weights.

Silver Rounds vs Silver Coins

Silver rounds are not the same as silver coins. Silver rounds are circular silver pieces designed by private mints. Silver coins are backed by governments and are considered legal tender. While silver rounds may not be backed by any government, the silver content is just as valuable as that of a silver coin. You may be asking “Why should I buy a silver round instead of a silver coin?” Silver rounds tend to have a lower markup than silver coins.

Buffalo Silver Rounds

The silver buffalo round is produced by a variety of mints and can either have a smooth or ridged (stackable) appearance. As the name suggests, the stackable buffalo has ridges on both sides of the round to make storing/stacking your rounds easier.

Both types of buffalo rounds feature the profile of a Native American on the reverse and a grazing buffalo on the obverse. The designs are reminiscent of James Earle Fraser’s 1913 Indian Head/Buffalo nickel.

The level of detail as well as security features and visible date will be dependent on who produced the round. The buffalo silver round (non-stackable) is also available in tubes of 20.

Sunshine Mint Silver Round

The Sunshine Mint has been producing gold and silver bullion since 1979. They are known for their added security features on their newer products which can be seen through a special decoder lens. The reverse side of the round proudly displays their signature image of a flying eagle surrounded by the company name. The obverse is a sunburst encircling said security feature.

Morgan Silver Round

The Morgan Silver Dollar was a popular coin distributed by the United States government from 1878 to 1904 and for a brief period in 1921. This piece of history was revived by private mints in the form of the Morgan Silver Round and is now available to collectors who appreciate the beauty of the design but not the high cost of an original Morgan Silver Dollar.

Generic Silver Round

While the product may be titled “generic” silver rounds, these rounds are anything but. “Generic” simply means that the mint and design will be based on availability. The size, weight, and quality are the same as any mint/design specific round. Generic silver rounds are often slightly less expensive than the other rounds offered because the stock is constantly changing.